Never feel the need to take your portraits into Photoshop ever again! Ambitious statement? I think not. This massive pack of 95 Adobe Lightroom adjustment brushes will solve every need you will ever have when it comes to portrait retouching in Lightroom. Kristina has included multiple versions of each brush so if there’s something you don’t like, just try one of the other variations of the brush. For example, there are three teeth whitening brushes; Teeth Whitening High, Teeth Whitening Medium and Teeth Whitening Low. With this many options, you’re bound to find the right one for your image!

Portrait Adjustment Brushes

Here’s a complete list of Adjustment Brush Counts:

  • Blush Brushes: 9
  • Eye Brow Brushes: 3
  • Iris Coloring Brushes: 27
  • Eye Liner Brushes: 3
  • Eye Shadow Brushes: 12
  • Eye Whites Brushes: 3
  • Lashes Brush: 1
  • Lip Color Brushes: 27
  • Teeth Whitening Brushes: 3
  • Skin Smoothing Brushes: 4
  • Under Eye Brushes: 3 


1) Please review this installation guide PDF BEFORE INSTALLING.
2) Your Adjustment Brush Presets should be placed in the folder that this image shows on the right-most side of the frame.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4, 5 and CC/6.


Portrait Adjustment Brushes


Kristina Sherk

Kristina Sherk is a headshot photographer and a high-end photo retoucher specializing in realistic retouching. She's a contributing educational author for publications like Shutter Magazine, Photoshop User Magazine, and Lightroom Magazine. She is also the author behind Photoshop Cafe's Fashion Retouching DVD.