Photography Sports Portraits Essentials

In this course, instructor Robert Vanelli will teach you how to light, shoot and edit sports portraits. He will show you how to use grids and strip boxes to produce harsh style lighting for an edgy effect. He will also explain how stylizing the shoot with gear and a team uniform is the key to a successful shot.

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Robert Vanelli

Robert Vanelli is a photographer and educator who photographs VIPs and teaches workshops to students of all ages.

Robert Vanelli is a photographer, educator, and author who lives in Florida. As the lead photographer for Exposure Photographic Art Studio, he has had the opportunity of capturing images of special VIPs, including the President of the United States, former president of Toyota and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda, and various martial arts legends.

In early 2000, Vanelli created a special Click for Kids program for Brevard County Schools, where he introduced his "From Click to Print: The Five Ps" program. This unique system has become the foundation for his workshops, including his new series, Winning the Sport Portraits Game.

Currently he is teaching workshops, writing, and creating tutorials for various plugin companies and for the Vanelli and Friends series.