Photography Mastering Nikon Speedlights

One key element about photography is that light is the most important thing that you can control to make a great photograph. This is why Speedlights are important. In this course, instructor Levi Sim shows how these tools allow you to make great light in any situation, and gives tips and tricks for how to use them to control and shape your light.

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Levi Sim

Passion drives Levi Sim to make photographs, teach, and help new friends. He tells people he's a photographer, but he really does more than just make pictures. His professional photography is primarily commercial work for businesses, both small and large, and he really shows how great it would be to work with those companies. He excels at photographing people, from two-year-olds to oil field workers to couples married for 60 years. Everyone has a good time making pictures with Levi.

Besides people and businesses, Levi enjoys other aspects of photography, including landscapes and still life, and helping others interested in photography. He also runs a local photography club, is a Rotarian, actively volunteers at church, and is a husband and a poppa to a peppy four-year-old girl. Levi writes regularly for and is coauthor of books on Adobe Lightroom.

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