Multi-platform Video Producing

In this course, instructor Amy DeLouise helps video producers who find they need to deliver video content to multiple platforms simultaneously. It will help them make the right decisions before shooting to reach the broadest audience. Additional steps can also be taken during production to increase your reach and maximize future opportunities.

A One Time Payment for Multi-platform Video Producing
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Amy DeLouise

Director and producer Amy DeLouise is an expert at creating high-impact nonfiction digital content.

With more than 400 productions to her credit, she has won more than 40 top national awards for creative excellence, including the TELLY, CINDY, CINE Golden Eagle, New York Festivals, and Peer awards. Amy specializes in streamlined workflows from production to post, music design in storytelling, and how to get the best from "real people" onscreen. She is the author of The Producer's Playbook: Real People on Camera. Amy is a top-rated speaker at industry conferences such as NAB Show, Content Creator World, and GV Expo. She has a BA in English with distinction from Yale University. For more resources and tips from Amy, visit